To protect your muscles and joints during any kind of sport: the leguanos form with your body's natural balance and move evenly with your muscles and joints. Whether you’re running a marathon, jogging at leisure, or on the golf course - the leguanos remove any unwanted pain. An increasing number of golfers have discovered many positive qualities of leguno® Barefoot shoes for themselves. The leguano® helps you to walk correctly because of the direct contact your feet have with the ground. Every athlete knows that with the right attitude you can achieve success, and most joint damage can be prevented. With our leguanos you learn the correct techniques again and can work out without worry. The breathability of shoes also represents the perfect conditions for a sweat-free workout - but granted in quiescent phases and corresponding heat, so that the foot does not freeze. The natural barefoot feeling consists of a continuous sequence of tension and relaxation - as you strengthen your muscles not only in sports, but also in many other ways.