Our aim to you is to enable the healthiest and most natural way of getting around, which is walking barefoot! Everyone has had complaints from back pain after a long day of work. A common factor in today's society. The cause of this is the incorrect footwear, which results in incorrect load on muscles, bones and joints. Then without reason, in the nature of man, that Barefoot is born. In many countries, such as in India, it’s inhabitants still run without shoes. It is unknown why this civilization doesn’t suffer from knee, back, or joint pain. So we had the idea to create a new type of shoe that allows you to walk barefoot in a more natural and healthy way. Even the look of the shoe has been adapted with a Western society feel. With everything we have created in several years of development: leguano® gives the foot its full range of motion back, but at the same time protects it by its wear-resistant, non-slip soles, which adapt to any movement of the foot and its muscles. The material on the sole is extremely resistant, so that even walks over large hills or mountains pose no problems. This allows the shoes to work with your feet both in action, as well as during periods of rest, which is the best heat regulation. The upper layer of the shoe is made for holding in heat and maintenance of body warmth. You get high slip resistance on every floor with the strengthening of the foot muscles which enables free movement. The running and walking style forces us to push up with the heel. When this is done every step of vibrations can be felt up to the head. The lining under the shoes is made to absorb this stress, then the whole body biometrics moves in unison. In conclusion, Leguanos are the perfect companion for everyday life or leisure time. Not only for adults, but also for children. For the children we provide the Leguanitos. Therefor providing future back and joint pain relief for even the smallest children.