The mountain calls!

Our leguano® models are known for having enough grip in the mountains or on the trail. By providing a slip and tear-resistant sole, nothing can happen to reduce your speed. Whether in the forest or on the slopes, with the leguano® you can play it safe. In addition, the state of the shoe also promises a better posture - from previous back and joint pain due to incorrect form from the past. Give your body its balance back. Let it remember while walking barefoot the natural way, and bend your foot to remove unwanted pain and suffering. Getting wet? No problem! Our leguano® models are all very breathable and will dry in no time. With these shoes you are prepared for all weather conditions with your trip! Extremely solid hiking footwear is a thing of the past - as well as troublesome odor from walking for consecutive hours.

So look forward to exciting prospects, great routes and a balanced body and stride when walking - as if you were barefoot.

More natural is not possible!